e create the medieval atmosphere performing in historical suites (early Middle Ages / medieval peasantry), playing historical melodies on traditional instruments. There are pieces from various parts of Europe in our repertoire, including Slavic, German, Scandinavian and Breton melodies dated from XI to XVI century. These are mainly old dances, historical and folk songs, in total about one and a half hour of music.
So far, we performed on archeological festivals, knights’ tournaments, rallies, picnics, shows, private events, in the open air, on stages and in music clubs. Since year 2015 we played on about 85 events in total.

As a band we can offer a performance in the form of a concert on stage with organizer’s sound system. Or, with our own sound system on chamber events for approx. 50 participants. We have experience in playing evening concerts on big stages for the audience of 1000 people, as well as on smaller stages during the day. In practice, an optimal performance lasts of minimum 30 minutes to maximum one and a half hour.

We’ve played numerous concerts in clubs, pubs and restaurants. As it turns out, medieval music can sound well not only on strongholds and castles, but also in contemporary surroundings.

Before we entered regular scenes, our primary environment was on historical encampments, playing unplugged among tourists and reconstructors. We still like making music on the premises of the event, catching direct contact with the audience.

We are able to emphasize the atmosphere of an event with our music. It can be an evening historical feast, festival, ceremony, celebration or a historical play. Sometimes it requires “humming” or “trancing” in the background, sometimes turning up the battle atmosphere. We can add also our addiction to encouraging people to sing on campfires.

The pageant is a great and spectacular form of beginning an event, transferring and gathering the participants in a specific time and place. The bands leads the head of the procession, giving rhythm and setting a marching step for the armed warriors / knighthood with banners / cavalry / officials and the audience. We have experience in leading pageants through the centers of towns or the areas of festivals.

We offer teaching steps for medieval and inclusive dances with live music. This may be an attractive point of the event program. Steps for the dances can be learned easily and fast even by children. We always show and explain steps in slow tempo first. Then, we dance together with the audience while the band accompanies us. The dances in our repertoire are: Motyle (Butterflies), Słoma, Praczki (Washerwomen), Kender, Maltese Dance, Belgijka, Drumul Draculi, Saltarello. Soon also Repasseado and An Dro.

The infants are most often keen to try and touch „What is this that makes those sounds?” For the others we prepared stories on how music evolved in the Middle Ages, how the music notation was invented, what are the differences in music folklore in different regions of Europe. Also some about our instruments, their evolution, construction and where the pieces of our repertoire come from. Volunteers can try to learn some songs and rhythms.

More and more often we organize competitions, medieval obstacle tracks, folk board and music games that can be an interesting addition to the event program. We have all the requisites needed and lots of ideas for different occasions: from Viking agility games, through strategic board games to group inclusive games.

Many pairs contact us starting with „We don’t want an ordinary wedding…”. As a result we attended several medieval weddings organized in castles. Here’s what we can help you with:

  • teaching steps for the first dance in the form of meetings in Wroclaw
  • renting medieval / fantasy costumes for the guests
  • music for the welcoming of the bride and groom
  • march for the entry of the bride and groom
  • music for the official’s speech
  • music by the dinner / treat
  • first dance of the bride and groom with live music
  • inclusive dances with teaching for the guests
  • leading fun & games
  • leading traditional slavic wedding games
  • medieval “disco” with our own sound system

    The cost of our participation in the event depends on the distance from Wroclaw and number of days we’ll have to spend. For example:

  • getting there, performances and back the same day / <160 km one way
  • the need for accommodation and back the next day / 160-380 km one way
  • the need for getting there the day before, two nights / >380 km one way

    Accomodation – we hope to be offered a room, historical tent, or a place for tourist tents by the organizer.

    Sound system – our acoustic instruments’ range is limited. We have a wireless sound system with battery supply, which allows us to perform on chamber concerts in a room, in the open air, or on a small stage (for less than 50 people on the audience). In case of concerts on a bigger stage – please deliver our Technical rider to the sound engineers.

  • Technical rider - to deliver to the sound system’s service
  • Tips for cooperation - some advice how to prepare our performance
  • Promotional materials: logo, photos, descriptions - for the promotion of events
  • Agreement and our data - we send it on your e-mail address
  • Performance booking form - please send it to our e-mail address after filling in
  • PHONE:
    +48 886-257-281


    Project: DigitalArtist.pl